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Progressive Abilities

The mission of Progressive Abilities (PASS) is to provide holistic employment services while practicing and promoting full inclusion and diversity within the workforce and the community. Founded in 2011 on the simple premise that all people deserve the same rights and opportunities, PASS set about building an alternative service model that was based in the equity that all individuals should demand. PASS supports the Savannah community by providing holistic, one-on-one support, where job coaches, evaluators, trainers, and developers work collaboratively with individuals to create and follow customized plans for growth. These plans include pre-employment training, career consultation, professional placement assistance, on-the-job training, and resource development. No one is left out or deemed unemployable and every person we serve is the leader of their own process.


  • Supported Employment is designed to assist individuals to find and/or keep a job. This is achieved through the assistance of a Supported Employment Manager (job coach), who collaborate with job seekers to develop a career plan, set goals and expectations, and train on how to navigate the workforce. They also assist with career negotiation and on-the-job training.  Along the way, job coaches offer strategies for self-advocacy and building natural supports on the job and in the community.

  • Customized Employment utilize certified job coaches who provide customized support to identify a job seeker's interests and passions. The job coach and job seeker build a partnership based in trust and mutual respect. The job coach and job seeker then work side-by-side to develop a position that meets the interests and values of the job seeker and the needs of the business community. This results in career employment.