Embracing Transformation: The Dynamic Shifts Shaping the Credentialing Industry

Change is a constant, and effectively leading through change demands a deep understanding of the multifaceted factors that shape our society.

Attend the Opening Keynote on Tuesday October 25 to hear Nicole Smith illuminte the pathways to successfully lead yourself and others in this rapidly transforming landscape based on extensive research and real-world examples.

Dive into the transformative changes revolutionizing the credentialing industry. Profound change driven by technological advancements, shifting workforce dynamics, and an ever-increasing demand for relevant, adaptable skills makes one wonder, "How am I leading myself and others through this change?"

Delve into the role of technology, specifically AI, in shaping businesses and societies, the forever evolving regulatory frameworks of the political sphere, and the transforming multi-generational workplace dynamics who questions the "traditional degree" needed for closing the skills gap.

Take advantage of this thought-provoking keynote session to unlock the possibilities and potential of the transformed credentialing industry. Gain insights into the trends shaping the future of credentialing and how you can navigate this dynamic landscape to unlock opportunities for career advancement, professional growth, inclusion, and workforce development.

Nicole Smith

For the past 26 years, Nicole F.Smith has consulted, trained, and coached many organizational leaders at every level in various industries. Through her education, research, and expertise, Nicole has spoken, coached, and facilitated many individuals and groups in understanding the impact of their behavior – personally and professionally.Nicole stands loud in her authenticity and empowers others to do the same with great confidence!

Nicole runs and owns a boutique leadership development and coaching practice, JMS Creative Leadership Solutions, that guides individuals in understanding the impact of behavior and transform into an exemplary leader. She is a 3x author with a #1 bestseller of a quick, easy-read book called 20 Golden Leadership Nuggets, a leadership expert, DEI thought leader, certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and Practitioner, a certified Professional Life Coach, and a certified DiSC behavior consultant and practitioner.

Nicole received a Master of Education focusing on adult training and development in the workplace and two Bachelor's degrees, in Psychology in Criminal Justice. She received a certificate from Cornell's Women Entrepreneural Studies and is currently a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow for 2023-2024.