Volunteer at the Exchange

Attending the I.C.E. Exchange and want to be more involved? I.C.E. is looking for volunteers to support our programming this year.

Interested in volunteering at the 2021 I.C.E. Exchange? Please email info@credentialingexcellence.org for additional information.


I.C.E. traditionally looks for volunteers to help with coutting the number of attendees in a session room, and to serve as human directionals to help other attendees find sessions.  I.C.E. staff will reach out to all interested volunteers with available opportunities, and volunteers can select how they want to contribute. 

Interested in doing more?

Credentialing Career Ignite Presentation

I.C.E. is looking for 4 individuals to present a 4-minute IGNITE presentation at the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, November 17. The purpose of this session is to highlight the various careers of credentialing professionals. This is an opportunity to share your own personal career story to an audience of your peers. Be creative. Let us hear your story!

Visit the Ignite Session page to learn more.