Speaker Resources 

Prepare to Present

The following resources are in a private online community. If you need any assistance, email speakers@credentialingexcellence.org. 
  • Visit the speaker online community to download the PowerPoint template. 
  • Review the infographic to learn who attends the ICE Exchange and how to update your session description.

Rooms Set-up 

  • All concurrent, jump start, and lightning learning session rooms will have the following room set-up:
    • Computer
    • Projector
    • Laptop
    • Microphone
    • Podium and Head table 
  • Round table sessions will be placed in a room set with rounds and no AV.
  • E-Posters will rotate on an LCD screen in the E-Poster gallery.

Room Set and Capacity

Sapphire B Classroom for 115
Sapphire C Classroom for 115
Sapphire I Classroom for 115
Sapphire M Classroom for 150
Sapphire 400 Rounds for 80
Sapphire 411 Rounds for 60 (Location of round table sessions)
Sapphire A Rounds for 150
Sapphire E Rounds for 100
Sapphire 410 Theater for 150

Promote your Session

Share these tweets to promote your session at the 2019 ICE Exchange (optional):

Register for the #iceexchange19 to attend my session. https://bit.ly/2Ipvnl1
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I am presenting at #iceexchange19 . Register today to attend my session and connect with more than 700 credentialing professionals. https://bit.ly/2Ipvnl1
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@ICE_Excellence is hosting #iceexchange19 in San Diego, CA. See what what this conference offers the credentialing community. https://bit.ly/2IVheuQ
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