Present Your Credentialing Career Story at the ICE Exchange

These presentations will highlight the various careers of credentialing professionals at the Awards Ceremony and Luncheon Wednesday, November 20. This is an opportunity to share your own personal career story to an audience of your peers. The chosen presenters will be assigned a presentation coach to assist in the preparation and practice of their presentation.  The session will also have an Emcee to connect the threads of the presentations.

View the 2018 IGNITE Session Sample Presentation

Who are we seeking?

ICE will select a diverse group of individuals who represent:

  • An individual new to the field of credentialing, 1-5 years’ experience, at any level
  • An individual who worked in the field of credentialing, left and then returned
  • An individual mid-career in the field of credentialing
  • An individual approaching their retirement with at least 20 years’ experience

What topics do we want your perspective on?

  • What credentialing personally means to you?
  • What has the field afforded you in the way of skill development or experiences?
  • What has building your community/network meant to you?
  • What do you foresee as the future for credentialing?
  • Concerning your career, what might you have done differently if given the opportunity?

Presenter Expectations

Selected presenters will be expected to:

  • Attend the ICE Exchange, scheduled November 18-21 in San Diego, CA.
  • Work with an assigned coach in advanced to polish and practice the presentation.
  • Attend a dress rehearsal during the conference with the Emcee.
  • Present at the ICE Awards Ceremony and Luncheon, November 20. 
  • Permit ICE to post the final presentation to the ICE website.