Long Distance Relationships vs. Moving in Together: What's the Best Approach for You and Your SMEs

Track: Test Development and Administration

Session Number: 6076
Date: Tue, Nov 19th, 2019
Time: 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM


Working with and managing SMEs can be a challenging part of any credentialing program, but we know that they are essential to creating strong exams and need to be involved at multiple steps throughout the test development process. Job task analysis workshops, item writing workshops, beta testing, and standard setting panels can all be conducted virtually or in-person, but each phase has considerations when deciding what is best for your organization, your staff, and your SMEs. This session uses case studies, facilitated discussion, and small group activities to break down the decision-making process and provide credentialing professionals with the tools to run more efficient and effective test development processes that keep SMEs engaged, invested, and willing to come back for more.

Session Type: Concurrent Session

Session Type: Concurrent Session