READY: Preparing Your Certificate Program for Accreditation Under the New ICE 1100 Standard

Track: Pre-Conference Workshops

Session Number: 6075
Date: Mon, Nov 18th, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


This hands-on, how to workshop will focus on three key aspects of preparing an assessment-based certificate program for accreditation under the new ICE 1100 Standard: 

  • Administrative requirements for the program provider, from record-keeping to policies and procedures to certificate requirements
  • Educational/Training content, including the needs analysis (now required) and how educational content in an accredited program should be designed, developed, delivered, evaluated, and maintained
  • Assessment requirements, including a deep dive into the appropriate level of psychometric rigor and methodologies for developing an accreditation-ready assessment

This session is appropriate for those with a current assessment-based certificate program that needs to be "up-fitted" in order to come into compliance with the Standard, or the organization that is planning to develop a new program. Multiple examples of "best practices" will be integrated throughout. 

Pre-conference workshops require a separate registration fee from the full conference.

Session Type: Pre-Conference Workshop
Cross-Listed Tracks: Alternative Credentials

Session Type: Pre-Conference Workshop
Cross-Listed Tracks: Alternative Credentials