Navigating Case- and Article-Based Items: Key Considerations for Test Development and Construction

Track: Test Development and Administration

Session Number: 6037
Date: Wed, Nov 20th, 2019
Time: 4:15 PM - 5:15 PM


Join us to discuss the merits and challenges of introducing case- and article-based questions to credentialing exams. In this session, we’ll discuss the benefits of this rich content type while also illuminating some of the challenges item sets pose for content development, psychometrics, and test assembly. We’ll leverage examples from real estate scenarios and medical article-based testing to help the audience understand the implications of these item types.


One innovative approach to developing scenarios makes use of a storytelling technique many are familiar with. Using Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” as a foundation, “The Licensee’s Journey” aims to guide the development of case-based scenarios and corresponding questions for licensing exams.

The next component of this session will present perspectives from organizations who have implemented article-based testing. Discussions will include topics such as what content is fair game?  What is the appropriate number of questions per article?  How difficult should the questions be? What cognitive levels are appropriate?  Are the items independent, and was any special “item modeling” used?

Session Type: Concurrent Session

Session Type: Concurrent Session