Public Member Programming

Complimentary Registration Offer for Public Members

Public members (the consumers and end-users served by your profession) play a critical role in serving on certification governing boards. If the President/CEO of a certification organization signs up for a full-conference registration, ICE will offer one (1) complimentary registration to the organization’s public member.

Please contact ICE staff at to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Sessions for Public Members

Quality Management 101: Developing a System You Can Manage

10 Top Legal Risks for Credentialing Organizations

Assessing and Managing the Inherent Risks to Your Certification Program

Be COOL- Serve the Military Through Certification, Credentialing, and Credit By Exam

Building a Microcredential Framework from the Ground Up

COVID-19's Impact on the Business of Credentialing

Crisis Communication: Hindsight is 20/20

Decision by a thousand cuts: What cut score selection method is right for you?

Demystifying Psychometrics

Determination of a New Specialty Certification: A Novel Approach to Practice Analysis

Dig: Market Research on Social Media through the Lens of Amateur Archaeologist

Getting Beyond “It Depends” – Psychometricians Debate Hot Topics in Credentialing, 2nd Edition

Givin' the People What they Want: Public Exam Statistics Reporting for Your Stakeholders

Gotta Catch Them All: Attracting Every SME You Can

How logic models are used to plan, implement and evaluate innovative credentialing programs.

Innovation in Credentialing:  Transformative Trends in Assessment

Lessons Learned and Key Considerations from the NCCA Live Remote Proctoring Assessment Project

Maintaining Exam Delivery in a Crisis

NCCA Report on Live Remote Proctoring Assessment Results

NCCA Standards Revision Update for the Town Hall

Online Proctoring: Operational and Psychometric Results Across Multiple Programs

Practical Ways to Improve your Program Reach Through Digital Marketing

Practice Analysis 101: A Practical Guide for the Credentialing Newbie

Practice Analysis Surveys: Does the Method Make a Difference?

Re-accreditation: Is your organization truly ready?

Reload, Don’t Rebuild! – How championship caliber Boards keep their leadership benches full.

Security Challenges and Opportunities in Post-COVID 19 Era

Telling Our Story: How to Communicate to the Public About Certification and Recertification

Testing Accommodations: Where To Draw the Line?

Top Chef All Stars: Mastering the ingredients to keep your credentialing exams spoiler-free

Trials and Tribulations of a Small Certification Program during the Early Years

Update on Legislation Affecting Certification and Certification Renewal

Using Innovative Assessment Technology to Measure Clinical Skills

What’s “Seat Time” Got to Do with It: Social Distancing Effects on Continuing Education Units

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Public Member Events

Public Member Special Interest Group Breakfast 

ICE is hosting a Public Member Special Interest Group Breakfast, Monday, November 9from 7:30 am - 8:15 am. Learn with your peers and focus on the exact needs and questions of your organization. Come prepared to share your successes and challenges and be part of the larger conversation.

Public Member Special Interest Group Debrief

Connect back with your peers on Wednesday, November 11 from 7:00 - 8:00 am to reflect on your learning and discuss ways to apply your ideas when you return.

Additional Resources

Visit ICE's Public Member Page to access resources and learn more about public member involvement with ICE.