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Member Registration: If you are an employee of an ICE Member Organization, but do not yet have an account, please have the primary contact of your organization add you as a user to the company profile so that you can receive member registration pricing. If you need assistance, please contact ICE at 202-367-1173 or

If you or your organization do not have an account, you can Become an ICE Member or Create a Non-Member Individual account (if only one person from your organization is attending) or Create a Non-Member Company account (if you will be registering more than one staff member).

Sponsors and Exhibitors of the ICE Virtual Exchange: ICE uses a separate registration process that grants you unique complimentary and discounted registrations based on your 2020 sponsorship/exhibit package. You will receive separate registration instructions by email.

For questions about your event registration, please email or call 202-367-1173 and reference the "ICE Virtual Exchange."

Thank you for your support of the ICE Virtual Exchange conference. We realize we are in unprecedented times. We appreciate your continued support of this ICE program and we value your participation.

Current Cancellation Policy
Because all ICE virtual sessions will be available for on-demand viewing, only in the case of loss of employment, death in the family or other extenuating circumstances will a refund be issued. To request a refund, you must contact ICE Staff at with documentation of your reason for cancellation by Monday, October 26. All cancellation requests will be reviewed by ICE, and if approved, will be processed within 3 - 6 weeks following the Conference. Refunds that are approved will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee. Substitutions are accepted, but can only be credited toward the 2020 virtual experience no later than Monday, October 26th.

Code of Conduct:
As an ICE Virtual Exchange participant, you are agreeing to adhere to the Virtual Meeting Code of Conduct. Please reference the link below to review the agreement.

Virtual Attendee Code of Conduct

You will acknowledge receipt, review and accept via the online registration form. Any violation of the Virtual Code of Conduct will result in revocation of your virtual meeting access with no refund. We thank you for respecting your colleagues, peers and clients. If you experience any issues, you can reach out to