Strategies for NCCA Accreditation Success

Session Number: 5031
Track: Preconference Workshops
Session Type: Pre-Conference Workshop
Primary Presenter: Janice Moore [CEO - SeaCrest Company]
Co-Presenter 1: Cynthia Allen [President - SeaCrest Company]
Co-Presenter 2: Peg Harrison, MS, CPNP, CAE [Chief Executive Officer - Pediatric Nursing Certification Board, Inc.]
Time: Nov 06, 2018 (01:00 PM - 04:00 PM)

Session Description: 

Earning NCCA accreditation for a certification program is a coveted distinction but preparing for success presents challenges, often more so than an organization anticipates. If your organization is considering accreditation or already preparing for accreditation, you probably have some questions. What are the most common problem areas organizations encounter? How can we avoid them? Are we ready? How can we improve our chances of success?

Avoiding common problem areas and making corrective actions before you submit an application saves staff time and resources, helps support an organizational culture that values accreditation, and increases the likelihood of success. In this workshop, presenters will use knowledge and expertise gained from preparing and tracking the feedback on more than 200 accreditation applications to outline the most effective ways to prepare for accreditation, identify common issues organizations face, and other strategies for submitting a successful accreditation application.  The session will also provide an overview of the accreditation process, how to manage board and stakeholder expectations, and guidelines for establishing a feasible timeline for the accreditation process. Participants will walk through a series of questions to determine the readiness of their own certification program(s).