Why does the NCCA want to know that? A workshop with NCCA Commissioners

Session Number: 5136
Track: Preconference Workshops
Session Type: Pre-Conference Workshop
Primary Presenter: Nancy Ahluwalia
Co-Presenter 1: Lindsey Durham [Chief Financial Officer - National Registry Of Emergency Medical Technicians]
Co-Presenter 2: Todd Galati [Senior Director of Science and Research - American Council on Exercise]
Co-Presenter 3: Isabelle Gonthier, PhD [President & Chief Operating Officer - Yardstick Assessment Strategies Inc]
Co-Presenter 4: Joy Lynn Matthews-Lopez, PhD [President and Senior Psychometrician - JML Measurement and Testing Services, LLC]
Time: Nov 06, 2018 (09:00 AM - 12:00 PM)

Session Description: 

Have you ever wondered why the NCCA has asked a specific question or found something you submitted to be insufficient? The key to submitting a successful application for NCCA accreditation lies in understanding the intent behind the Standards. Armed with that knowledge, you will have a better idea of what the Commission is looking for in terms of evidence that your program is operating in compliance with the Standards, and you will be better equipped to enhance your certification programs.

Come hear a panel of Commissioners, from Administrative, Psychometric, and Public Member perspectives, explain the reasons behind what the Standards require. This session will use an entertaining, talk-show-style format and will include opportunities for audience participation.