Create a Digital Presence to Market Your Certification

Track: Marketing and Communication

Session Number: 4103
Date: Wed, Oct 25th, 2017
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM


The success of your certification is at risk if you aren’t engaging the right candidates and key stakeholders at the right times. After all, even a perfectly designed certification can’t effectively support industry standards if the critical members of the community don’t know the certification exists.  Social media can be used to introduce a certification that’s new to the industry, expand on an existing concept, or add to an already successful series of certifications. Each organizational design presents unique challenges and opportunities that – whatever the current organizational state – anyone managing a certification can learn from. Join us for an interactive exploration of how organizations market their certifications using an effective digital presence. This session will involve peer-to-peer learning as well as hands-on demonstration of the social media techniques and applications discussed.

Session Type: Concurrent Session

Session Type: Concurrent Session