Public Members: Who Needs Them? Why Have Them?

Track: Business of Certification

Session Number: 4048
Date: Wed, Oct 25th, 2017
Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM


In a memorable newsletter post several years ago, a newly appointed public member on a certification organization’s board posed that very question.  He went on to say:

"…(T)he short answer is that they bring a perspective to the decision-making that is different from that of members of the profession. My challenge as your public representative will be to examine every issue considered by the board from the viewpoint of the health care consumer. My job also includes bringing public issues and problems to the attention of the board, especially when specialty certification may offer a part of the solution to the problem…. How, exactly, does the public benefit from certification? For example, can certification be demonstrated to improve health care outcomes? If it can, I intend to carry that message to the public – to employers, accreditors, insurers, consumer organizations and the media. If it cannot, then we should look at ways to modify the program so that it can and does."

At this session, two public members and either their CEO or a certificant board member will engage in an informal conversation about their respective views of the public member’s role on the board and the value the organization derives from their involvement.   A third public member will moderate the conversation.

Similar sessions have been well-received at prior ICE meetings.

Session Type: Concurrent Session

Session Type: Concurrent Session