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Two Under One Roof: How to Maintain the Firewall Between Education and Certification

Session Number: 4012
Track: Business of Certification
Session Type: Concurrent Session
Primary Presenter: Gabriela Agraz Welch, MPA, CAE [Director of Certification - APICS]
Co-Presenter 1: Bob Collins [Senior Director Professional Development - APICS]
Co-Presenter 2: Kori Heinen
Co-Presenter 3: Lynn Webb
Time: Oct 26, 2017 (10:15 AM - 11:15 AM)

Session Description: 

Maintaining education & certification impartiality is an industry best practice enforced by NCCA & ISO accreditation standards. For organizations that handle some aspects of both areas, creating and enforcing a firewall can be challenging. Furthermore, candidates must be educated on the difference between education and certification to avoid missed expectations and confusion.

A creative organizational model that handles both education and certification will be explored. Details such as organizational structure, product development processes, financial management, and candidate communications will be presented with viewpoints provided from both the Education and Certification divisions of the business. Direct linkages to NCCA & ISO standards will be referenced by an expert accreditation auditor to stress the advantages and opportunities of compliance.

The session will conclude with an interactive exercise with attendees. Presenters will construct 2-3 fictitious organizational structures that may or may not meet impartiality standards and poll attendees for their opinion on whether they feel those structures meet standards.

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