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Business of Certification Workshop

Session Number: 4120
Track: Pre-Conference Workshops
Session Type: Pre-Conference Workshop
Primary Presenter: Lenora Knapp, Ph.D. [President - Knapp & Associates International, Inc.]
Co-Presenter 1: Jennifer Ann Naughton, SPHR, MA [Naughton Consulting IC]
Time: Oct 23, 2017 (09:30 AM - 04:30 PM)

Session Description: 

Once your certification program is up and running, you discover the real truth about managing these programs: ensuring psychometric soundness and legal defensibility is the easiest part of administering the program. There are widely available standards and accepted practices you can rely on for guidance. Succeeding in the business of certification is the real challenge.

This workshop provides a unique opportunity to take a focused, deep-dive into the business of certification, and is designed for strategic decision-makers of certification programs and other staff responsible for developing business strategy.

We will address five fundamental questions pertaining to the development of business strategy by certifiers:

  • What is our value proposition and how can we enhance it?
  • What is our business model and how can it guide our decision-making about business strategy?
  • At what stage in the certification program lifecycle is our credential and what types of strategies are most relevant at this stage?
  • How do we identify and evaluate new revenue opportunities (e.g., market expansion, additional products for candidates and certificants)?
  • How should we retool strategy when our certification business falters (i.e., volumes decline, plateau, or never reach expected levels)?

There is a recommended assignment for this workshop, and a recommendation to read The Business of Certification: Creating and Sustaining a Successful Program (2nd Ed)Please note: If you are interested in buying the book and are attending the workshop or an ICE member, please email for a discount code. 

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